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I love playing games, always have since I was a kid and we got our first of a few Super Nintendos. Don’t get me wrong I played my fair share of Nintendo games, but honestly it wasn’t until the Super Nintendo that I really found I was enjoying the games.

I remember playing “Zombies Ate my Neighbors” with my cousin and also getting down with the bundled “Super Mario World”. I remember getting stuck on that dang star road and retrying over and over.

Then I finally played a game that made me think. I had to solve puzzles, kill enemies, save the princess, and finally set all things right in the world. Yes I mean The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, this is probably the point I really dig in and really started loving games.

I think this is why I have always enjoyed game and was initially the start of it all. I remember having to sit and play for hours, not always finding the answer I needed at the time.

But one thing that sticks out to me even to this day 25+ years later is I always kept my cool while playing games. I don’t ever remember getting super hot headed and say throwing my controller across the room for instance. Mainly I figured if I was close to getting mad at something that’s sole purpose was to provide entertainment then the time for me to keep playing was at an end. I always try to enjoy myself when playing games, this is the reason I don’t play sports games because I find them really boring. I much prefer to play games with a story, even a slight one really helps me to get into the game and find the aspects the creator wanted to show me.

In essence the reason I keep playing even though I suck is because I still find it fun and love having it as a hobby. There’s always new games coming out and even better content that’s being created all the time. I’m sure if someone looked they would be able to find a game that would continually allow them to enjoy what the creator wanted you to. I bet they would be able to find the entertainment in that game and not have a rage fit. At least I know that I have, I don’t regret any of the time I “spent wasting my life playing those games”!