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I recently started streaming my bad playing skills live for the world to see. I started doing this so that I can see how it goes honestly. I know i’m in general a bad player, and as a fix for this, well let’s be honest there isn’t one besides practice. I just play to enjoy the game and the fun that comes with it. Yea, i’m sure deaths will happen and there will be no shortage of them for the near future to share with you all.

A video game is one of the most immersive types of entertainment today and as such people should be enjoying the content and love the games they play. If your games are causing you stress you should probably take a step back and realize that video games are not everything and should never consume your life. You should always do and play something that bring you joy, not games that bring out the rage and hate that almost all gamer has buried down deep.

What exactly do i expect to gain from doing this? What are my goals here? I plan to start meeting people of interest, maybe playing some games with said people as well. I would love to start a community of fellow, like-minded gamers who just want to have fun and enjoy the games. My long term goals are to bring together a community of gamers that just enjoy the game rather then the ones who live and die for the game. I would like to have a place to help the average gamer can chat and get some advice when needed. I would love to help new streamers get some attention and possibly a few viewers to get the community interaction started. In general i’m just looking to create a place where the average gamer is invited and welcomed to.