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Finally took a bit of time and made a logo for myself, i think it turned out pretty cool and is my first “real” logo. I decided to go with the red/green/black just because those are my favorite colors and i think it personally looks pretty slick.

horrible gamer logo with text
Horrible Gamer with text
horrible gamer logo with no text
Horrible Gamer with no text.

I did decide to check out some other colors just to see how they looked and messed around with a few. They too looked pretty cool, but i think i will personally stick with the red/green/black as my personal use.

Other Color Versions

Think it looks pretty cool, or have some criticism to share with us? Feel free to hit that post box below and leave a comment. We plan to follow this up with some cool designs for our stream theme. Hopefully in the future we can release a small collection of files for new streamers to help them get up and running quickly with all the stuff we have learned!