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Horrible Gamer

Welcome to our side of the internet tracks. Here you will not find the best of the best rather your average gamer, just being average and enjoying the game.

Who Are We

We are just a group of average gamers, who love to just play the game. Of course everyone is different when they play games, some people are just fantastic and others are, well horrible. We are here to display our skills to the world and let you decide.

What Do We Do?

We play games, plain and simple. We love to play games and so we stream to the world. We don’t care if we suck, we do it because we want a community and we love to play games.

Why Do I Keep Playing?

I love playing games, always have since I was a kid and we got our first of a few Super Nintendos. Don't get me wrong I played my fair share of Nintendo games, but honestly it wasn't until the Super Nintendo that I really found I was enjoying the games. I remember...

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Always Check Your Six

When playing Fortnite, you should always be aware of your surroundings. There's nothing ever worse then getting a kill and forgetting to check for others around you. Remember to play it safe and always be sure to check your surrounds and check your six, play it safe...

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